Mental Health and Humanity during a Pandemic

The Covid-19 world pandemic has taken a serious toll on the individual mental health. With rising hypochondria and the fear of death, most people locked inside their houses are suffering from acute anxiety and depression. It is a disease unknown to mankind and with new discoveries revealing fearful facts about the virus everyday it is causing waves of panic all around the globe. Other than just the health related issues, the corona virus disease has imposed isolation and social distancing which has triggered mental unrest and the already existing mental health issues in individuals.The sudden break from our daily routine and busy lives might have seemed like a vacation in the beginning and a positive start to many healthy habits, but with the prolonged extension of the situation the vacation finally turned out bitter with people regretting the lost hours and craving to go back to their usual lives.Loss of opportunities, cancellation and postponement of important life events and goals, the dooming economy along with the political unrest all around the world due to a single pandemic is a reason enough to cause extreme anxiety and stress.

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It is always important to talk about our mental health and especially during a situation like this, it is important not just to talk about it, but also to take proper care of our psychological well being so that we can come out of this terrible storm with a healthy body and mind. Continuous anxiety and stress also weakens the immunity system of the body and might cause several health problems which are never welcomed, especially while there is a pandemic right outside our doorsteps. A healthy mind during such a crisis is a reward for both us and our families and communities at large.

Mental Health and Humanity during a Pandemic

An important aspect regarding our variable coping mechanisms that we need to keep in our mind is that different people might react differently to this period of crisis. There are several factors that control our thoughts and make our thinking pattern different from each other. These factors may include one’s family background, social connectivity, emotional turmoil, health condition, financial situation and many more. Hence, it is evident that people will react differently to the same situation. However, this aspect also implores us to be careful and compassionate towards those who are falling short in coping with the current situation. To be less affected by a situation like this is definitely a blessing but it also follows up with certain responsibility as we are all in the same situation together. The mental health experts are advising the population to be more compassionate at the moment and comply with the fears and anxieties of others and be a support to them.

While we discuss on the topic of humanity during the pandemic there’s another idea that is being constantly promoted by health care institutes and the government, that our fight is against the illness and not the one who is ill. People affected by the virus has been reportedly made victim of social discrimination and their families are often mistreated by neighbors and relatives. Covid-19 is a viral infected disease like many others and has a greater recovery rate than many. Hence, tormenting and mistreating a patient can never be a solution. It can cause a mental breakdown for the person already suffering and hamper their recovery. It is therefore advisable to maintain compassion and healthy psychological connections with each other as we fight and cope with the world crisis together.

Coping with the Stress

Given below are some of the few ways that can help us cope with the rising levels of anxiety and stress due to the Covid-19 situation:

  • Following proper guidelines laid by health institutions like W.H.O and making healthy habits of washing hands, keeping yourself and your environment clean along with proper social distancing can keep you away from the infection and cut down your anxiety about acquiring it.
  • Follow the news but be cautious about the myths and superstitious notions about the virus that adds to the panic rather than providing any valuable information. Know the facts and filter out the rest.
  • Try to be involved in activities like cooking, painting, reading or watching good movies and T.V series during this time. It is advisable to keep your mind away from over thinking and obsessing over the pandemic situation as it can only do more harm to your mental well being than good.
  • An important aspect during the crisis is that everyone needs to take care of the body. Meditation and yoga are the best ways to heal both the mind and the body and a regular practice would also ensure an improved immunity system.

Taking care of our personal hygiene and sanitation is important but at the same time taking care of our mental health and psychological aspects is an equally important aspect and should not be neglected at any cost.

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