24*7 Emergency and Critical Care

The hospital's emergency department is responsible for providing medical and surgical care to patients reaching the hospital in need of immediate care. Blue Bliss Hospital understands the criticality of the emergency hour and uses it to formulate committed endeavours in terms of manpower, machine-power and other services. Adherence to emergency guidelines is non-negotiable at our health care unit for providing unhindered services to our patients.

Blue Bliss Emergency Department

  • 24*7: Blue Bliss hospital provides 24/7/365 untiring service with the utmost care and attention to its patients. The emergency medical service of our organization is most appreciated by most of the patients. The patients with all kinds of cases at any stage and any level of complexities are immediately admitted to the hospital and their treatment commences straight away after the completion of basic formalities.
  • There is always adequate availability of beds for our patients. Treatment is never denied to anyone. Patients' health and comfort are our foremost priority. Therefore 8 extra beds are allotted in case of emergency situations such as accidents or a major breakthrough of disease. The hospital staff are even capable of providing more beds if required.
  • 24*7 Trained Nurses: Blue Bliss have trained their nurses effectively to efficiently perform their duties and responsibilities. We offer nursing services throughout the day. The nurses extend maximum support and care to the patients, attend to their issues immediately and keep a time to time record of the patient's health condition and possess superb managerial skills.
  • Casualty Medical Officer: The casualty medical officer methodically organises all the records of every patient both newly admitted and those already undergoing treatment. In death cases, the necessary certificates and documents are provided without any delay.
  • Fully equipped with multipara monitor, ventilators, ECG, Defibrillator, Crash cart, emergency medicine and drugs: Our health care organization is richly ornamented with all the advanced technologies and modern amenities. All of these implementations are modelled to assist the medical experts in the efficient and accelerated treatment of their patients which ultimately results in their speedy recovery.
  • Blue Bliss possesses two well-equipped ambulances which immediately respond to the emergency calls and provide 24hours service every day. These ambulances consist of the primary life-supporting equipment to sustain the victim's or patient's life till they reach the hospital.