Purpose of Mastectomy

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One of the most commonly treated types of cancer across the globe is Breast Cancer. According to highly experienced oncologists in Bangalore working with Blue Bliss Hospital, one of the proven and trusted types of treatment for breast cancer is Mastectomy. This treatment is effective if the symptoms are identified in the very early stages.

Versatile Oncosurgeons in Bangalore indicate that Mastectomy is a surgery that removes all the breast tissues from the breast thereby preventing cancer from spreading to the other parts of the body. This can be followed up with a breast reconstruction surgery only if your doctor finds it necessary.

Types of Mastectomy Surgeries
Blue Bliss Hospital has been recognized as one of the best oncology hospitals in Bangalore due to its sheer ability to diagnose and successfully treat some of the major types of cancers including breast cancer. Depending upon the stage at which the cancer is your surgeon may consider mastectomy to remove either one or both breasts to avoid any further complications.

Your surgeon may suggest a Unilateral Mastectomy in which a single breast is removed or a Bilateral Mastectomy which sees the removal of both breasts.

Preparing for Mastectomy
Blue Bliss Hospital is well-known as the best hospital for breast cancer treatment in Banglore, not only for its clinical expertise but also for its compassionate approach towards patients.

Before the surgery, your surgeon in association with an anesthesiologist will give you a complete rundown of the procedure you will undergo, possible risks and rehabilitation procedures. You can also discuss available options with your surgeon.

A physical exam will be conducted and all your vital parameters will be checked to certify that you are fit for the surgery. You will then be advised on the period of your stay at the hospital. Your surgeon may ask you to stop your routine medications if you are under any, till the completion of your surgery and your first follow-up visit.

Purpose of Mastectomy
As mentioned, a little while earlier, Mastectomy is a procedure recommended by oncologists to prevent or treat breast cancer from an early stage. Vastly efficient oncologists associated with Blue Bliss Hospital rated as the best hospital in Bangalore opine that Mastectomy can also be recommended under the following conditions.

Breast Cancer can be cured if detected in the early stages. Results can be more positive and favourable under the watchful eyes of an experienced medical team. For the best and most professional approach to Breast Cancer, please schedule an appointment with Blue Bliss Hospital, the renowned Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore.
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