What is Kidney Cancer

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Types of Kidney Cancer

Causes of Kidney Cancer

For patients with acute kidney problems hemodialysis is the only way of treatment until a proper transplant surgery. Therefore it is impossible for such patients to discontinue the process of dialysis at any cost. The Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) has thus come up with a set of rules and regulations as well as special facilities in order to aid the requirements of hemodialysis patients. This new set of rules and regulations has been sent to every state’s health facilities which demand hospitals and clinics with dialysis facilities to take certain precaution and care of the employees as well as patients. This initiative by CDC has ensured the continuation of hemodialysis, the only life supporting procedure for kidney patients.

What measures are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among kidney patients?

Though it is very hard to figure out which risk factor leads to kidney cancer yet some common risk factors in kidney cancer may include

Treatment of Kidney Cancer

Some people find it very difficult to eat during kidney cancer as they might lose their appetite but it is a must to take good nutrition during the cancer treatment. Intake of nutrients and calories will help them to regain the weight they have lost during the treatment and will also give them physical strength.

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