Post COVID-19 Recovery Diet For People With Diabetes

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What is Post COVID-19 Syndrome?

Post COVID-19 or Long COVID refers to the syndrome in which even after testing negative a COVID patient continues to experience the after-effects of the disease. Post COVID-19 syndrome includes a large array of symptoms which include- Apart from these common post-COVID-19 symptoms, doctors have observed that patients with diabetes are experiencing other symptoms and long-term complications. COVID-19 could trigger TYPE-1 and TYPE-2 Diabetes. Therefore diabetic patients who have already recovered from COVID-19 should pay attention to the signs like-

Recovery Diet for People with Diabetes

Post COVID-19 conditions for Diabetic patients require careful management of blood sugar levels. Healthy nutrition and light home-based exercise are essential for a speedy recovery. A healthy diet should ensure consuming food that does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels. A Diet plan plays a major role in the overall treatment plan to control diabetes and prevent severe health complications. It is therefore essential for diabetic patients to eat a balanced and varied diet to secure the stability of their blood glucose levels and improve their immune system. Patients are recommended to- The essential components in a diet plan for post-COVID-19 diabetic patients are: Generally and more specifically after Covid recovery diabetic patients should refrain from consumption include-
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