How to take care of your kidneys after a kidney transplant procedure?

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Changes In everyday conduct after a transplant

Once you have recovered from the transplant surgery, you will notice a difference in what you can eat and drink.

Precautions for Preserving your kidney health after transplant

One risk of a kidney transplant is that your body will reject the new kidney. To prevent such a thing from happening, its important to take medicines that can weaken the immune system of your body. These medicines are called immunosuppressants, or anti-rejection medicines. The immunosuppressants decrease the strength of your immune system, which leads to many side effects. Discuss the side effects with your doctor and he may alter the dose of the medicine that was prescribed, or recommend a switch to a different medicine. To keep yourself healthy, and to make sure your new kidney works well, the following are precautions are important:

Getting a kidney transplant is a life-changing event, usually an exciting and joyous event. But since it is a major change, it’s common to have different kinds of emotions post-surgery. You do not have to deal with these feelings alone. Reach out to your family and friends for support. Also, let your transplant team know about your emotional changes so they can help support you and adjust your medicines if needed. Your doctor may also refer you to a good mental health specialist to help you through the phase emotionally.

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