Bone Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Hearing the word cancer can give jitters to anyone irrespective of age. Bone Cancer is no different. However, the happy news is that according to the best oncologists in Bangalore associated with Blue Bliss Hospital, Bone cancer is very rare.

Let’s understand more about what it is and the treatments available.

Understanding Bone Cancer

According to oncology doctors associated with Blue Bliss Hospital, widely regarded as the best hospital for Bone Cancer treatment in Bangalore, cancer that develops within the bone is called primary bone cancer. Parallelly, many tumours that begin in organs or parts of the body can spread to the bones. These growths are referred to as metastatic bone cancers.

Various stages of Bone Cancer

Seasoned doctors working with Blue Bliss Hospital, the best hospital in Bangalore, indicate that the various stages of cancer are determined by the size and location of the tumour, and whether or not the cancer has spread to other areas.

Primary bone cancer is categorized into four stages:

Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Vastly experience Bone Cancer Specialists in Bangalore at Blue Bliss Hospital emphasize that the following symptoms must be brought to the notice of your oncologist immediately.

Causes of Bone Cancer

Though the exact symptoms of bone cancer continue to be researched, seasoned oncology specialists in Bangalore attribute the likely cause to either genetic reasons or an unlikely fallout of ongoing cancer treatment like radiation or high-intensity drugs.

Diagnosing Bone Cancer

Blue Bliss Hospital is well-known as the best cancer care hospital in Bangalore for its technology-driven diagnostic and imaging equipment. Bone cancer is usually diagnosed using the following imaging tests

Managing Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer treatment depends upon the stage at which cancer stands. Your doctor might recommend either a single type of treatment or a combination of treatments that may include:

Though Bone Cancer is rare, early diagnosis and treatment can bring favourable results. On observing any symptoms, connect with our experts at Blue Bliss Hospital who have addressed more than a thousand cases of Bone cancer, successfully.
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