Dr. Bhavya Shivalingaiah

MBBS (Karnataka, India)
MD Respiratory Medicine (Manipur, India)
DNB Respiratory Medicine (Natboard, India)
IDCCM Critical Care Medicine ( Karnataka, India)
European Diploma in Respiratory Medicine(HERMES, UK)

In Respiratory Medicine:
I am competent in managing common respiratory problems on the wards, outpatient clinicsand providing a specialist assessment of referred patients.

I have performed over 300 bronchoscopies to date. I am competent in performingtransbronchial, transcarinal needle aspiration, bronchial washing, brushings and foreign bodyremoval. I am competent in reporting full pulmonary function tests and sleep studies. I amconfident in doing Ultrasound guided chest procedure such as Aspiration, FNAC andPercutaneous biopsy.

I have been involved in postgraduate training, teaching medical students and junior doctors.During the course of my career, I have participated in journal clubs and interdepartmentalmeets. I have conducted public health education programme in domains of PulmonaryRehabilitation and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. I have organised and contributed toconferences, workshops and Postgraduate meetings.

In Critical Medicine:

Intensive care experience has been invaluable in equipping me with the knowledge ofinvasive and non-invasive ventilation, advanced haemodynamic monitoring and managementof the critically ill. I am trained in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life support.I am competent in managing common medical emergencies and day-to-day care of patientswith routine medical problems.