Why Your Kidney Needs Extra Attention?

Kidney Needs Extra Attention
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What is a Kidney?

When it comes to the kidney, they are bean-shaped organs. Both the kidneys are of the size of a fist and are nestled below the rib cage. You will have one kidney on each side of the spine. Having a healthy kidney is very important. It will be filtering around half a cup of blood every 60 seconds. Not only this, while doing the same it also removes extra water and wastes in the form of urine. The urine will reach the bladder after flowing through the kidneys and that too via two thin tubes acknowledged as ureters. You will find these thin tubes of muscle on both sides of your bladder. The urine will be stored in the bladder. This entire system is considered as a urinary tract combining kidneys, bladder, ureters. All these organs play a significant role when it comes to filtering blood, and expelling wastes and water to extract urine.

How Kidney Functions And The Factors Associated With It?

When it comes to kidneys, it is made of more than millions of filtering units acknowledged as nephrons. Every single nephron has a filter that is called a glomerulus and it also has a tubule. When it comes to nephrons, it functions using the two-step procedure, and it is :

The Glomerulus Filters Your Blood. As and when the blood flows through each nephron, it passes through the clutter of small blood vessels and these are acknowledged as the glomerulus. The walls of the glomerulus make molecules, fluids, and wastes move through the tubule. When it comes to larger molecules that are blood cells, proteins remain in the blood vessel.

The Tubule Removes Wastes And Returns Needed Substances to Your Blood . The blood vessel runs through the tubule. As and when the filtered fluid passes through the tubule, the blood vessel will completely absorb the water, along with nutrients and minerals your body requires. It will also assist acid from the blood. The remaining wastes and fluid in the tubule become urine.

How To Protect Kidney

Below mentioned are a few of the ways that will help you keep your kidney running in the top condition check it out:

So, hopefully, you are clear about what a kidney is and how it operates! You need to follow the above-mentioned aspects that will help you keep it running in good condition!

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