What is the Relation between High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease?

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What is High Blood Pressure?
High Blood Pressure is a medical condition in which your blood pressure remains much higher than normal levels. It is also referred to as Hypertension.

Blood Pressure is the measurement of the force at which the blood presses against the walls of the blood vessels when the heart pumps blood around your body. This pressure is consistently high in people suffering from hypertension. Blood Pressure in an individual is measured under two parameters; Top Nephrology Specialists in Bangalore have always stressed on the fact that High Blood Pressure can turn out to be a silent killer if your blood pressure is not regularly monitored and corrective actions if necessary are not taken.

What is kidney disease?
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a medical condition where your kidneys have been damaged due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Due to this, the kidneys are not able to perform their normal activities of removal of toxic wastes and fluids from the body and keeping the right balance of important chemicals in your blood, such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

One of the commonly observed fallouts of high blood pressure is kidney disease which makes you, more likely to develop heart and liver diseases. Early detection can prevent kidney diseases and complications associated with them to a large extent.

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How are High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease Related?
High blood pressure is a major reason that leads to kidney disease. Over some time, it can damage the blood vessels throughout your body. Subsequently, the blood supply to vital organs like the kidneys is reduced. High blood pressure can destroy the tiny filtering units in your kidneys. As a result, your kidneys may stop removing wastes and extra fluid from your blood, which can accumulate to raise your blood pressure even further. Your kidneys play an important role in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Kidney disease reduces the ability of the kidneys to help regulate blood pressure. Blood pressure rises as a result.

According to the Best Nephrologists in Bangalore, if you have kidney disease and high blood pressure, there is every likelihood that your kidney disease will worsen and you will develop heart problems.

The Best Nephrologists in Bangalore associated with Blue Bliss hospital have cured some of the most complex kidney diseases which are caused due to high blood pressure. They are of the firm opinion that following your treatment plan and controlling your blood pressure can help prevent kidney disease and heart disease.

What will the treatment for High Blood Pressure AND Kidney Disease include?
Symptoms of High BP and Kidney Disease should never be ignored and brought to the notice of a Nephrology specialist in Bangalore immediately. Based on the complexity of the problem your doctor will develop a suitable treatment plan which is aimed at, To help reach these goals, you will need a combination of lifestyle changes, such as following a healthier diet, exercising more, and taking medications.

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