What are the most common kidney diseases in Children?

Kidney Transplant Medication

Kidney Transplant Medication

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Our kidneys form an integral part of the urinary system and play a very crucial role in maintaining the required balance between chemicals like potassium and sodium along with water. They do this by eliminating waste products in the blood through urine.

However, if this smooth process is disturbed, it could lead to major complications and this is common for both adults and children.

According to eminent doctors working with Blue Bliss Hospital, the best kidney hospital in Bangalore, Kidney disease can impact children in various ways. It could range from treatable disorders without long-term consequences to life-threatening conditions. 

Let us look at some of these disorders that can affect children.

Common Kidney Diseases in Children?
As per Nephrology specialists in Bangalore, kidney diseases in children can be either acute or chronic in nature. Some of the commonly observed kidney diseases in children include: Nephrologists associated with Blue Bliss Hospital rated as the best hospital for kidney treatment in Bangalore have said that hereditary diseases can affect even other bodily functions, including hearing and vision.
  1. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
    This condition is caused due to bacteria and viruses that enter our body system through contaminated food or processed food. Children who develop hemolytic uremic syndrome become pale, tired, and irritable. Hemolytic uremic syndrome can cause kidney failure in some children.
  2. Glomerulonephritis
    This condition occurs when bacteria impact the child’s immune system and over some time can hurt the kidneys. Any prolonged or untreated infection can cause this condition which can either appear for a short term or remain for a longer duration of time.
  3. Nephrictic Syndrome
    This condition occurs after upper respiratory tract infection and skin infection characterized by haematuria, B/L loin pain, fever and Proteinuria (albumin in Urine)
  • Nephrotic Syndrome
    Top Nephrologists in Bangalore who form the core team of specialists at Blue Bliss Hospital describe Nephrotic Syndrome as a collection of different symptoms that children experience which can cause kidney damage at a later stage. These can include:
    • Elevated Albumin levels
    • Elevated Cholesterol levels
    • Low Albumin levels
    • Inflammation or swelling noticed in the hands, legs, face, ankle or feet
  • Trauma
    Physical or Mental Trauma can lead to variations in blood pressure which can subsequently damage the kidneys. Conditions such as heavy percentage of burns, bleeding, injury and dehydration can lead to physical or mental trauma.
  • Blockage of Urine
    This is a very serious condition, which if not attended to immediately, can cause large- scale damage to the kidneys resulting in serious complications. The free flow of urine out of the body must be restored immediately.
  • Treatment for Kidney Diseases in Children
    Blue Bliss Hospital is Bangalore's most trusted center for kidney failure treatment. With a team of some of the finest and vastly experienced Nephrologists and Pediatric Nephrologists, the hospital has a proven track record of having treated the most complicated cases of kidney diseases in children.

    Depending upon the complexity of the situation, doctors at the hospital might recommend simple medications, antibiotics and diet control. In severe cases, dialysis could be an option.

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