Understanding Diabetes and Treatment Options

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One of the most commonly heard of conditions in almost every household globally is Diabetes Mellitus. More widely referred to as just Diabetes, it can affect people of all ages. According to seasoned endocrinologists associated with Blue Bliss Hospital, well-known for its Diabetes Management in Bangalore, there are several forms of Diabetes.

Doctors associated with the best Diabetic care clinic in Bangalore, bring us closer to understanding this medical condition.

Understanding Diabetes

According to experienced doctors known for diabetes treatment in Bangalore, it is a condition which occurs when your blood sugar levels go very high. This happens due to the inability of the pancreas (one of the critical body organs) to produce an important hormone named insulin. Uncontrolled diabetes over a longer period of time can lead to severe health problems.


According to Diabetologists associated with the best diabetology clinic in Bangalore, it is categorised into different types. The most commonly observed types are:

Some of the other types of Diabetes observed are Type 3 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes (which can develop during pregnancy)

Possible Symptoms

According to the best diabetes management doctor in Bangalore, the following symptoms should not be ignored.


Diabetes specialists in Bangalore working with Bangalore’s best hospital, explain that the following factors can put you at risk of developing diabetes.

Treatment options

According to experienced doctors at Blue Bliss Hospital, the best hospital in Bangalore, the treatment depends upon the type that is diagnosed. This is found through certain blood tests and physical examinations. The blood tests recommended are FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar levels) and Post Prandial Blood Sugar levels (PPBS). Sometimes doctors can even recommend a Random Blood Sugar test (RBS).

Based on the test reports, your treatment options might include:

Diabetes is known to be a slow killer. Hence, regular monitoring and control of blood sugar levels is extremely crucial. The hospital has a team of experienced Diabetologists who have helped thousands of patients manage the condition successfully and in several cases, have helped in reversing it as well. Meet our efficient medical team to know more about how this can be done.

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