The Role of Hypertension in Kidney Disease – Tips for Blood Pressure Management

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Hypertension is known to impact our body in a huge way. Apart from the Heart, the other critical organ that it affects the most is our Kidneys. According to experienced doctors working with Blue Bliss Hospital, recognised as the Best Urology Hospital in Bangalore, it is extremely critical to keep your high blood pressure under control or else it can cause serious complications that include CKD or chronic kidney disease and eventually Kidney Failure.

This article is aimed to create awareness about the impact of hypertension on your kidneys and how to keep blood pressure under control.

Impact of High Blood Pressure on Your Kidneys

According to the Best Urology Doctor in Bangalore, kidneys play a critical role in filtering toxic wastes and fluids out of your body in the form of urine. Hypertension can damage the arterial walls across your body due to the increased force of blood. This in turn results in reduced flow of blood into the kidneys and obstructs the normal filtering process.

Uncontrolled blood pressure can further cause serious damage to your kidneys.

Is High Blood Pressure affecting my Kidneys? How do I know

The best way to ascertain this is to visit a qualified and experienced Nephrologist in Bangalore. One of the key symptoms to be noted is swelling in your legs, ankles or feet. Additionally, symptoms can also include:

It is therefore essential to visit the best kidney hospital in Bangalore and seek an immediate medical opinion on observing any of the above symptoms.

Managing High Blood Pressure

As per expert Nephrologists associated with Blue Bliss Hospital, well-known as the Uro-Nephro Centre of Excellence, you should aim to keep your blood pressure within the target range. Frequent consultations with your doctors can help you achieve that.

Additionally, certain precautions can help you manage hypertension better.

Hypertension, if ignored, can damage your health in a big way, especially leading to kidney diseases. Hence if you are looking for a reputed Nephro Urology Hospital in Bangalore, visit our experts at Blue Bliss Hospital, well-known for its accurate diagnosis and compassionate care.

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