No More Kidney Stones with Best Urologist in Bangalore

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What is a kidney stone?

Kidney stones are an aggregation of innumerable chemical substances dissolved in urine. When the concentration level of these substances reaches a particular point, they eventually crystallize into a permanent form and hence form stones. Kidney stones vary in size; sometimes they are too small to be felt or being noticed in the urinary tract. But otherwise, these can be as large as a golf ball. When the stone obstructs the urine flow, the ureter dilates and stretches causing muscle spasms giving rise to immense gripping pain in renal colic; felt in flank within the lower abdomen, groin, or leg of the affected side. Without treatment, kidney stones can lead to urinary problems, infections, and kidney failure.

A word regarding kidney pain:

During the formative stage, kidney stones often do not cause any kind of pain. However later as these get into a crystalline structure, they start giving pain. It also causes excruciating pain which becomes unbearable while it gets travels down the body on its own.

Types of kidney stone:

The main causes of kidney stone:

Symptoms of kidney stones :

Blue Bliss hospitals provide diagnostic tests and procedures and surgeries such as the following:

Treatment of Kidney Stones

The urologist department at Blue bliss Hospital focuses on managing symptoms and removing the stone. Their treatment may involve :

At Blue Bliss hospitals a team of Urologists works round-the-clock to deliver the best of treatments and solutions to their patients with accurate pain-free care. For many years following a routine manner, the department has performed a wide variety of urological surgeries-emergency, elective invasive, adult, and pediatric and also for benign and malignant conditions. hence it is one of the best hospitals for the treatment of kidney stones.

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