Knee Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Knee pain affects people of all ages. According to experienced doctors working with Blue Bliss Hospital, orthopaedic hospital in Bangalore of national repute, it can occur due to injuries like ligament tear and cartilage damage.Parallelly, medical conditions like arthritis can also lead to knee pain. However, well-known knee replacement surgeons in Bangaloreindicate that minor knee pains do sometimes respond to self-care measures like physiotherapy, knee protective materials and knee braces. In some cases, however, your knee may require surgical repair.

Understanding Knee Pain
The knee is the largest and most complex joint of our body. However, experienced orthopaedic doctors associated with Blue Bliss Hospital Bangalore, warn that excessive stress on the knee or injury candisrupt the smooth performance of the knee. This can result in pain and the knee becoming very weak. If left untreated, it can get more complicated.

Causes of Knee Pain?
Seasoned orthopaedic surgeons operating at Blue Bliss Hospital, the most trusted Super speciality hospital in Bangalore, indicate that the commonly observed causes for knee pain include Symptoms of Knee Pain
Ortho doctors famous for knee treatment in Bangalore suggest that persisting knee pain can cause serious and sometimes lifelong damage. Hence, immediate care should be taken by consulting your nearest orthopaedic doctor in Bangalore, especially if you observe any of the below-mentioned symptoms. Diagnosing Knee Pain?
Blue Bliss Hospital is rated as the best hospital in Bangalore for its most advanced diagnostic and treating techniques. Your orthopaedic doctor will evaluate the symptoms of knee pain by requesting your medical history. He may also suggest certain additional tests that include a

blood test, X-Ray and Radiology test. In case your doctor wants to take a deeper and closer look, he may suggest a knee biopsy.

Treating Knee Pain?
Best Knee Replacement surgeons, associated with Blue Bliss Hospital suggest that treatments for knee pain can vary from patient to patient based on their prevailing health condition. Doctors might suggest,
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