How Does Dialysis Treat Kidney Failure?

Kidney Failure Treatment in Bangalore
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Dialysis performs some of the functions of healthy Kidneys. Such a procedure is required when the Kidneys do not function properly or cannot take care of the body’s needs.

What does Dialysis do?

When the Kidneys fail, the body finds it difficult to remove waste, extra water, and salt. This may cause a toxic build-up of the waste. Dialysis is a procedure that helps restore balance and maintain a safe level of chemicals (sodium, bicarbonate, and potassium) in the blood.

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When does a patient require Dialysis?

The top Nephrologists in Bangalore will agree that there are two ways to tackle Kidney failure – transplantation or Dialysis. Typically, Nephrologists look for symptoms (swelling, nausea, fatigue, and vomiting) that indicate the same or lab results that show toxic levels of waste in the body.

Further, Nephrologists who provide Kidney failure treatment in Bangalore can suggest the right treatment plan. Generally, this is based on lab results, the overall health parameters of the patient, and the patient’s commitment to the plan.

Types of Dialysis

Any Kidney specialist in Bangalore will tell you that there are two types of Dialysis.

How does Peritoneal Dialysis work?

Peritoneal Dialysis works by using the lining of your belly to filter the blood. Your Kidney doctor will ensure that you have sufficient training in the process before you begin. A few weeks before treatment, a catheter is placed near the navel. This catheter will later be used to transfer the Dialysis solution from a bag into your belly. Once the process is complete (after a few hours), you will be required to drain it out into a different bag. There are two types of Peritoneal Dialysis.

How does Haemodialysis work?

For this kind of Dialysis, minor surgery is required to create access to the bloodstream. This access may be created in one of the following ways

What you can expect when you go through Dialysis

One of the first things to remember is that the procedure is not painful. Therefore, if you feel any discomfort or pain during or after the procedure, make sure you inform your physician.

Some people complain of side effects, and this may be expected. You may have low blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, muscle cramps, and dry/itchy skin. Physicians may recommend ways through which these side effects may be managed. Blue Bliss Hospitals is well-known as one of the best hospitals for Kidney treatment in Bangalore. Book your appointments today!
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