How are Diabetes and Urology linked Together

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According to medical experts working with Blue Bliss Hospital, the best hospital for diabetes management in Bangalore, it is extremely important that there is a balance among all the systems of the body to enable its smooth functioning. Physiological processes work towards achieving this state. However, due to this interconnectivity, the body becomes equally vulnerable to chronic disease attacks as it affects any normally functioning system.
This is especially true with Diabetes and Urology as they are more closely connected than you ever thought. This article is meant to go deeper and find an answer to a rather interesting question about Diabetes and Urology: Are they really related?

Diabetes and Urology- The unknown relationship
We all know that glucose is a crucial ingredient that contributes immensely to our body by generating the all-important energy required for its existence. Diabetologists in Bangalore explain this process in an easier way for us to understand. The food we eat is broken down and delivered to all important cells via insulin, a hormone generated by another important organ, the pancreas. Diabetic Specialists in Bangalore associated with Blue Bliss Hospital indicate that in a healthy person this process happens very smoothly. However, in a person affected by diabetes, there are complications. Depending upon the type of diabetes you have, the pancreas does not generate enough insulin causing a build-up of glucose in the blood.

Persistent build-up of glucose leads to high blood sugar and we all know what it can do. As per seasoned endocrinologists associated with Blue Bliss Hospital, rated as the best diabetes hospital in Bangalore, high blood sugar can affect any crucial organ including the kidneys. It can lead to urinary tract infections, affect the bladder and also cause sexual dysfunction. This is where the relationship between Diabetes and Urology comes into the picture.

Well-known diabetic doctors in Bangalore are of the opinion that any person suffering from diabetes should regularly take up a kidney function test to ensure that the urinary tract system is functioning properly.

How Diabetes Affects Bladder Conditions
Doctors at Blue Bliss Hospital trusted by many as the best hospital for diabetes treatment in Bangalore have always stressed on the fact that diabetes can impact the functioning of the lower urinary tract functions. It also leads to a condition called overactive bladder syndrome which is commonly observed among many people. This condition needs immediate attention from an experienced urologist.

Over the years, people living with diabetes have also become more at risk for nerve damage and the loss of sensory function. This can make it difficult to properly register the signals that communicate when your bladder gets full. In turn, many people don’t know when they have to use the restroom and end up waiting too long to go. By holding back urine in your bladder for too long, you increase your risk of developing a bladder infection.

Diabetes and Kidney Functioning
Best Endocrinologists in Bangalore have always emphasised the importance of how great an impact uncontrolled diabetes can have on kidney functioning. The condition is referred to as diabetic kidney disease and can happen gradually over time and can affect the smooth functioning of both the kidneys.Top Urlogists in Bangalore warn that this can be dangerous, as it severely inhibits your body’s ability to filter your blood. A common sign of diabetic kidney disease is a swelling that persists in several parts of your body which if left unattended can progress into kidney cancer.

Having a healthy Urologic Condition by managing Diabetes
Whenever you come across any symptoms related to diabetes, don’t forget to ask this question to yourself; where to meet the best diabetic doctor next to me in Bangalore? Luckily, by properly managing your diabetes, you’re also making healthy urologic choices—the two go hand-in-hand.

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