Are Multiple Kidney Transplants Possible?

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Are Multiple Kidney Transplants Possible?
Acute Renal Failure is one of the most commonly observed kidney disorders. We all know that this is a serious condition and the only other type of treatment available to treat this condition apart from Haemodialysis is Kidney Transplant surgery.

According to thekidney specialists in Bangalore associated with Blue Bliss Hospital, a kidney transplant is a procedure wherein the failed kidney of a patient is replaced by another kidney, taken from a living or deceased donor.

Blue Bliss Hospital, rated as the best hospital for kidney transplants in Bangalore, has a proven track record of conducting many kidney transplant surgeries successfully. As a result, patients continue to enjoy long and healthy life post-surgery.

Kidney Transplant vs Dialysis
As per seasoned Nephro doctors in Bangalore, kidney transplant is a more preferred option by patients as compared to Haemodialysis. This is because a kidney transplant can treat chronic kidney disease or End Stage Renal Failure thereby ensuring a better quality of life. The other advantages of transplants include lower cost, fewer dietary restrictions and a lesser number of follow-up visits.

Who can have a Kidney Transplant?
Nephrologists working at Blue Bliss Hospital, well-known for kidney failure treatment in Bangalore, recommend transplant as an option based on the prevailing condition of the patient. There are possibilities that somepatients may undergo a kidney transplant even before they undergo a dialysis procedure. This procedure is known as Preemptive Kidney Transplant Procedure. However, the decision to certify whether a patient is fit to take up a transplant surgery also depends upon various other factors that include: On average, Kidney Transplants last for a period of 10 to 12 years, sometimes even a little bit more. Despite all this a curious question that seems to occupy everyone’s mind. And that is,

Are multiple kidney transplants possible?
Kidney specialist doctors in Bangalore associated with Blue Bliss Hospital express that one of the important factors that can influence a patient’s decision to opt for a Kidney Transplant is the waiting period to get the exact matching Kidney.

It might sometimes take a week, a month or even a year to get the correct match. Additionally, Kidney Transplant is a complex procedure where a patient needs to be mentally prepared, before, during and after the procedure.

Acknowledging all these factors which constitute the entire process of kidney transplantation, it is justified from the patient’s point to know whether it is possible to have another kidney transplantation.

Yes. Top Nephrologists in Bangalore say that it is possible to have a second or even a third transplant. But the final decision rests purely with the nephrologists as they would have to evaluate many conditions including the patient’s physical condition and the availability of the right kidney at that point in time.

The main concern, as per the best kidney doctors in Bangalore, one can have regarding the second or possibly the third kidney transplant after the first oneis about the success rate for such kidney transplants. Studies have shown that a second kidney transplant has a similar success rate as the first one and the success rate drops by and eventually ends after the fifth kidney transplant.

Renowned Nephrologists in Bangalore, who have been associated with Blue BlissHospital, one of the well-established Kidney care centres in Bangalore and which enjoys the best success rates in Kidney Transplant surgeries are of the opinion that doubts over the success of a second kidney transplant arise because of the failure of the first kidney transplant which makes the second one mandatory.

Doctors get into the depth of the failure and analyse reasons for the failure of the first attempt. An in-depth study is necessary in order to convince the patient of the need for the second one. This needs to be done with careful and proper counselling as the patient’s confidence levels would obviously be very low, due to the first failure.

Hence, it is wise enough to choose the best hospital for kidney transplants in Bangalore, with the latest surgical equipment and above all, the best Nephrologists and nursing attention.

Blue Bliss Hospital, ranked the best hospital for Kidney care is one such hospital which has all the above facilities under one roof. Over 1000 successful transplant surgeries have been conducted to the complete satisfaction of our patients. Please call the hospital and speak to our efficient doctors to get the most professional medical opinion.
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