Coronavirus: Myths and Realities

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If you are panicking about the virus, its precautions and cure, here are a few myths and their realities:

Myth: Low temperature and cold weather can kill the virus
Reality: As stated by WHO, the human body temperature remains around 36.5º C to 37⁰ C irrespective of external temperature. So there is no reason to believe that staying in a cold room can prevent the virus or that the virus shall go away when the winter comes in.

Myth: Vitamin C medicines and supplements can protect you from COVID-19
Reality: People with stronger immunity are less likely to be infected by the coronavirus. Vitamin-c supplements can help improve our overall immunity. However, the researchers haven’t found any evidence to show that Vitamin-C can immune people to Covid-19.

Myth: Only old people can be severely infected by the coronavirus
Reality: Though it has been stated by the experts that the older generation is more susceptible to the virus, there is no reason to believe that the younger generation is safe. There have been cases of serious illness and even death for the young and middle-aged people. So the precautions are essential for all, irrespective of age.

Myth: Drinking warm water can flush the virus from the throat to the stomach where it is killed by stomach acids
Reality: While drinking warm water and gargling every day can help with the symptoms like sore throat, there is no evidence that it can protect people from being infected. There is no reason to believe that this practice can prevent the virus from entering the lungs.

Myth: Coronavirun can spread through mosquito bites
Reality: There has been no evidence so far that suggests the spread of the virus through mosquitoes. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that spreads primarily from droplets generated from coughing or sneezing of an infected person or through their nasal discharge or saliva.

Myth: Spraying Alcohol all over the body can kill the virus
Reality: Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over body cannot kill the virus that has already entered the human body. These can be harmful to mucous membranes. Instead, these can be used to clean surfaces and disinfect places as per appropriate recommendations.

Myth: Virus is a mutated form of the common cold
Reality: No way is it a form of the common cold. Coronavirus is a huge family of viruses and SARS-CoV-2 has no similar traits with the other coronaviruses. Four of these can, however, cause the common cold.

Myth: Eating garlic prevent coronavirus
Reality: Garlic is healthy and has a number of antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence to back the fact that garlic can prevent or cure coronavirus in any way. Consuming large quantities of garlic can have reverse implications on human health.

Myth: Receiving a package or letter from an infected area can spread the virus
Reality:People receiving packages from infected zones are at nil to the negligible risk of contracting infection. This is because of the poor capacity of the virus to survive on the surface, out of the human body. Packages shipped for over a period of days or weeks are least likely to carry the virus to the recipient.

Myth: Hand dryers are effective in killing coronavirus
Reality: Hand dryers are not effective in killing coronavirus. To prevent virus from entering into your respiratory system, it is advised to wash your hands with soap and water or clean them with an alcohol-based hand-rub(sanitiser).

Keeping up with the new rumours being circulated every day over the internet is a mentally taxing process for everybody. However, to sail through this pandemic there is a dire need to stick by the guidelines issued by the government and to avoid believing every information that reaches us without any evidence backing them.

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